The Secret Sex Life of Angels- I.J. Weinstock


The book deserves five stars, for being well written and entertaining. For those that need plot, this one is weak. The underlying reason for writing seems to be, at least partially, to do with selling a life-style, but one that isn’t close to any I can appreciate. I’m not a natural enthusiast for belief systems that put sexual love at the centre of life. So that you understand my own narrow views, to then be free to dismiss my words, I believe Freud was a fraud. Certainly, sex can be an obsession but it’s not ‘the fundamental’ building block of fulfilment and happiness and success. But sex is the essential, I hear you say. Well, yes, in a way, a vital ingredient. So, read the book.

Sex is certainly a more than significant line in some recent American presidential administrations. That is difficult to deny, when at least two modern presidents have been defined as much by their sexual antics as their policies. But could a tantric witch-doctor get so close to the president without them, or something, seeping out into the public domain?

I read of no angels, either mythical, spiritual, or even in the widest interpretation of the word. The title is certainly misleading. I was misled, expecting at least a dusting of an angelic rather than just tantric reading. The sex was as slow, and mentally dominating, as tantric implies, which was certainly a key point of the book—so, cleverly demonstrated. One aspect that the story did get so very correct, was the devastating effect of rape, the very antithesis of sexual love. And yes, a deep understanding of mental damage that it can do, and the psychological ways out, are very important. It is bad sex, not good, which really affects the course of the world.

As I said, plot is not the strength of this book, though there is fantastic potential in the ideas that the ‘mystics’ suddenly see no future. Why wasn’t the theme developed?

We hardly get any useful ideas about what makes the world tick. But, the book does tell a few home truths about sexual consciousness, which will entertain most adult minds. Cerebral content, as expected from this author, but rather more about the brain in the human phallus than the sexual lives of angels. And precious little is said about the possible real lives of earthbound movers and shakers in high political office, even though the main character is a new president of the United States.




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