Undazzled- Chance Maree


This is the second book from the quill of Chance Maree, following the innovative metaphysical delight that is “Alexios, Before Dying”. I criticised that wonderful book for a lack of plot and an over-brevity of description, whilst praising it as a truly creative and original work.
This book has gone a step further. The plot is detailed, unpredictable, and exquisitely constructed. The reader has to keep the elements together, but the effort of memory is truly worth it. There is still a fashionable under playing of description, which so plagues modern writing; but there is enough structure to free our imaginations without allowing the reader to run away form the author’s control. I can never see the point of using such brevity that we can all mould vital scenes as we want, rather than accurately read the mind of the writer. Chance at least gives us most of the colours to fill in the drawing, though she still leaves a little danger of some of her bright contrasts being smudged.
The accuracy of the writing is very good, except in a very few places that I interpreted as confusion caused by savage editing rather than faulty original script. The few confused sentences were just too uncharacteristic, too out of style, to have been those of the author. Perhaps another beta reader was needed before publication, or were there actually too many kitchen assistants?
I am so looking forward to Maree’s next book, which I’m sure to like even if it is half as good.



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