Demon’s Grip- Tahlia Newland


This is the third of a planned four parts. All three books already published can be read as one offs, but I advise starting with “Lethal Inheritance: Diamond Peak”. Just how original Newland’s fantastical vision is becomes far clearer in this latest book. Meat is being put on the characters, even on those of the demons. Also, we are beginning to understand better what the Peak itself is all about. The metaphysical aspects of the series are being steadily reinforced, as are the human and humanistic interactions. As we are drawn along this other path, which stands alongside our physical world, I increasingly wonder if black serpentine can truly be defeated. As Ariel and Nick’s relationship matures so does its complexity. Ariel’s introspection gets a bit tedious at times, but that’s teenagers for you! As well as dealing with the turmoil of love they have to continue to learn how to turn their ordinary selves into superheroes and saviours of mankind. It seems that only they can save us all from the suffocating evil of the black serpentine.
I have reviewed all three books as they were published. My early enthusiasm has not been diminished by subsequent reading, which isn’t something I can say of several better known series. I hope that Tahlia Newland has a strong vision of where she is going. There is a lot of promise that needs a very dynamic conclusion in the next book. Finishing what she has started is the trick that still has to be proven.
I started reading book three happy that Ariel’s Mum was already safe. Oh my, that lady has had a tough life. Like mother, like daughter?


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