The Story of an Ordinary Lion- Janet Doolaege


This is a well-crafted or rather re-crafted, mix of legend history and scripture for young people. Possibly it is actually based on a misconception; an error of translation, as Saint Gerasimus of the Jordan was almost certainly the man that helped the lion, and not Saint Jerome. As a central theme of this story is errors in translation between languages, this confusion seems most appropriate. This is a short good news story, written to be accessible to children. This is nothing to do with the Good News Bible, which is very poor translation, a modern interpretation, of ancient scriptures.
It is false to make a literary connection with C.S. Lewis’s “god” lion, but this proverbial story should sit in close proximity in the section of “Christian” themed writing for children. For parents that hope that their darlings might just find time from modern distractions to read books by the likes of Louisa Alcott, Lucy Montgomery and George MacDonald, this story of a spiritually inspired lion makes for first class bedside reading.
If young again I’d love to have this story read to me, or to enjoy reading it for myself if a little older. Parents of all faiths and none can’t go wrong in seeking out a copy of this story for the PC or e-reader. {Children’s Literature- 20,000 words}


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