Room With Paris View- Jason Phillip Reeser with Jennifer Reeser


If you are an American planning a visit to Paris, or an Australian, or Brit or Kiwi . . . you get the picture; then this book really is worth a read. Even if you just want an inside view, a feel for Paris as a virtual visitor to that beautiful city, then this is a very rewarding read.
Both the Reesers are authors, though we read the book as the first person voice of Jason. They write very well, even
if now and again a trifle repetitively. I was tempted to think of this as being the result of two inputting minds. Actually the reminders help, as using a trick common to good teaching, some bits are worth emphasis. The detail, the curious footfalls of the Reesers are a joy to follow, even when they are regularly lost. There are many confused steps, but none are wasted. You see, this really is a guide book for those who want good ideas, but certainly don’t want guiding. Incidentally, Jason is obviously a little tiresome at times. Jennifer seemed to be constantly drawn the extra mile down just one more must see street. That was good for both the gander and the reader and, trusting the first person dialogue, as often as not for the goose as well.
We get a very honest and private look at Paris and Parisian culture, not missing the big locations, but equally exploring some really interesting bits that many tourists miss. If some of the Reesers views are off-beat to you, as they were to me, they are nevertheless a great help. We really do get a private view, including holiday snaps, a real feel for what those two weeks in Paris felt like. Nothing was as individual, to me, as their view of Parisian food. For people who never visit McDonald’s restaurants or Starbucks they spent a lot of time in them!! But, that is what this book is about, a real experience of a flying visit to Paris.
I really enjoyed reading this Paris View, and I will definitely remember to take notes from it before I next visit Paris. I am reminded of just how much I have so far missed.
It doesn’t matter if you never actually get there, this story gives one a great break, with whatever sort of coffee you prefer.


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