Leah- Dana K. Haffar


Leah is not just a book with many of the traditional elements of romance, it is a life art experience. This is a moving tapestry, every bit as perceptive as we come to assume are the paintings created by the main character Mar. This is a psychological book, which deeply explores people and the moments that create them. We actually brush up against the paranormal, how closely will depend on the minds of the reader. The beautifully crafted words provide the frame; our imaginations are drawn to paint the colours.
We may not at first know all Haffar’s rich characters, but most will know a Mar, a Lemay, an Oscar. By the end we know the island and its inhabitants so well that they must long live in one’s consciousness. On the evidence of this book, Dana K.Haffar deserves a great deal of success.

A isolated island where the entire economy revolves around fishing, and everyone knows everyone else’s business, provides a retreat for the central character and her daughter from a dominating husband and loved father. There she tries to ignore her damaged eyesight, to submerge herself in self-reflection and her artistic painting, but finds herself embroiled in dark local secrets and in Sebastian’s arms.



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