Flight Surgeon- Michael Jennings


This is mainstream romance. Jennings writes in a traditional long style, taking care to build his characters, and draw the reader deep into their lives. The “heroic doctor” is very much the centre of the story, playing a handsome but needy romantic. Briana is the centre of surgeon Michael’s, attention, a young beauty that appears to be too good to be true. That was almost the story!
Both Michael and Briana are amongst the over-rich of affluent society America. Both though are “the right sort”, generous with their skills, time and money. Michael’s role as Good Samaritan heads the relationship towards disaster. Remember though, this is classic romance.
Flight Surgeon is a book for the leisurely holiday, or the long weekends unwind. Some of it was a little too schmaltzy for my taste, and some of the build was a touch long; but overall I really enjoyed it, and I know that regular readers of romance will love this book. The sex is more about good hands than over heating graphic detail. Those that want the full monty of athletic intercourse, nicely disguised as romance, need to go elsewhere first. Then afterwards read this crafted book, in order to relax and in good time recharge their batteries.
I am intrigued to find out how Frankie, the butler, really fits in. That will have to await the sequel, to which I look forward.



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