“Déjá Vu All Over Again” By James Strait

This fast paced action sci-fi thriller has some originality of content and style. It is one for lovers of a good Sci-fi romp, with plenty of action and a few glimpses of exciting sex. Science orientated SF fans will enjoy it if they keep their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks. One has to give one’s imagination a free rein, not that there is anything wrong with that, to really enjoy this book. Strait has made very good use of the current fascination with the expiry date of a certain Mayan calendar, which certainly gives his book some current form, at least as far as the 21st December 2012.
Actually, I don’t really think the passing of that date will do anything to reduce the impact of the story, as there is always another convenient date looming for the end of the Earth, or at least of Earth as we currently know it.
Projectile vomiting aside, I think this book could be the basis of a good film, though the date issue does rather reduce the time frame for this. Actually I can see an easy way around the timing issue. There is a lot of scope in Time Loop Theory. Thinking beyond my own prejudices I guess that even the excessive nature of the sickness could have a place in a film. If convincingly portrayed it could certainly add some impact.
This is a good holiday read, adequately engineered, and written in a compelling fast action style. It is also a very empowering book for the ego of men rather past their peak condition sell by date. I suspect that many women will be less convinced by both the sexual and combat prowess of the hero, again tongue-in-cheek necessary. Mind you plenty of good books rather flatter the physical attributes of the older male hero, usually it seems when we older male authors have some of ourselves in the invented characters.
I will read Strait again, and even again.



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