Doing Max Vinyl – Frederick Lee Brooke


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This is a great entertainment, written with flare. Brooke certainly has an ability to write, and to weave an interesting plot. The comic moments are well crafted from the story; comedy built out of a nice muddle of possible mishap, and peoples very mixed abilities. Some of the characters are so sharp, so accurately portraying individuals we might well know. Then Brooke variously stretches personality to logical yet ridiculous extremes.
By half way one can guess some of the end, but that doesn’t make it any the less amusing when it happens. This is a good week-end read, even when half-distracted by family chaos, as I was. The characters are so memorable that one can’t lose the thread for very long. The mix of the ridiculous, melodramatic, violent, comic and pointedly accurate is done very well. This is a tragic comedy played out in the shady worlds of “rubbish” re-cycling, and gang-land competition. I have only just finished, and if only it wasn’t all so fresh in my mind I would love to immediately start all over again.


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